simon winiger


Simon Winiger grew up in a musical family.  Already as a small boy he was fascinated by the collection of musical instruments of his father and he tried out all kinds of them. At the age of eight he started to play the trumpet and when he was ten he and his brother founded a band where he played the bass and sang.  

At the early age of 16 Simon toured with his Band Starch throughout Europa and played at renowned festivals like the Montreux Jazz Festival.  It soon became clear that music meant more to Simon than just a hobby and so he started his studies at the Jazz School in Lucerne after his general qualification for university entrance. His main instrument was e-bass, his second and third subject the piano and the contrabass and later on he added special studies in music education II (which enables him to teach music at cantonal schools). 

Simon was a sought-after sideman already during his studies. He tours with Marc Sway and Lunik. His various skills are much appreciated. So he does not only play the bass in Marc Sway’s band but also the contrabass, the bass synthesizer and the trumpet and he sings backing vocals. In BAUM’s band he used to play the piano, the guitar, the trumpet and the blues harp and in his band STARCH he is the lead singer, bassist and bandleader.

Simon played with various other bands (see below) and his tours led him not only throughout Europe but also to Asia, Australia, America and South Africa.

In addition Simon works as a songwriter, arranger, producer and teacher. As an example he has co-written the radio hit „non non non“ of Marc Sway and is in charge of numerous songs of Starch, Marc Sway, Sharlotte Gibson  and many more as well as for some  radio jingles und TV spots.

Information about johnny simon: http://www.johnnysimon.net


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